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*Languages are becoming more and more important each day and giving your child the opportunity to speak a foreign language will certainly make all the difference for him/her in the future.

*Or may be you want to have a go yourself and improve your French, Italian or Spanish, making it easier for you to communicate during your holidays abroad. Also If you're planning to live in France, Italy or Spain speaking the language means you're in total control.

* French and Spanish tuition by bilingual native speaker. From beginner to advanced. Children From KS2, GCSE, A-Level to Adults one-to-one tuition or small groups online 

Here's what I can do for you:


More than 20 years teaching a second language  

I've got more than 20 years experience teaching one to one, in small groups or a classroom environment.


Experience in teaching Primary School age, preparing for GCSE and A-level French and Spanish 

I have prepared various GCSE and A Level French and Spanish candidates who have done well in their exams.


Adult language learning.

Either you're preparing for exams, university assignments or simply want to go on a trip 

Some of my students have been studying Languages at the Open University as a Degree and have required extra support from me; but most of the adult students just want to be acquainted with a foreign language due to frequent travels.

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When my son Started the lessons he didn’t speak any Spanish at all. Now he speaks, understands and read Spanish. He enjoys having the lessons and feels more confident when having Spanish lessons at school. I am very happy that three years ago I found the best teacher. Geralde is absolutely amazing. I recommend the tutoring classes to everyone. It does not matter if you’re an adult or a child, now is the time to come to the best Spanish lessons in Blackburn.

 Some of my students 

Student and tutor

Year 7 student

I provide a friendly environment which allow students to thrive


University Student reading French

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student and tutor

Preparing for her GCSE

Learning a new language is fun

Géralde Vincent-Bancroft is the founder of Speak Fast Languages . By day, she's a doctor, but language has always been her passion and she's had the privilege of being exposed to multiple languages from an early age.

She currently speaks SEVEN languages fluently, and is still learning more! She's spent her life helping adults and children alike learn the languages of their dreams. With over 22 years of teaching, her goal is to transfer that knowledge to you.

She believes that learning a new language can be incredibly fun.

She has 2 beautiful children. When she’s not serving her clients, she geeks out on board games, and challenging her friends to top her awesome karaoke skills. She calls Blackburn Lancashire, her home.

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Due to Corona virus Outbreak tuition is exclusively online for the foreseeable future.



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