Notebook with word plan written on it at the ide the title Build Your Language Learning Plan For Success Workshop

5- Day (sessions) video Workshop to help you “Build your language learning plan” for Success

The Build Your Language Learning Plan For Success Workshop is for you if you are:
+ Tired of hopping from one thing to the next without understanding how it all fits together.
+ Tired of spending time on things that don’t get you results and are ready to know what can get you serious momentum.
+ Tired of not knowing if you will get results with all you are doing,

  • Enrol in the “Build Your Language Learning Plan” Workshop.
  •  Concrete actions you should take to
  • Build your personalised step by step language plan.
  • With this plan, you will stop guessing and effectively start learning and mastering the foreign language that you always dreamed to speak.
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build your language learning plan

“It was fun and interesting and most importantly it really helped me to delve deeper and see my own goal and how to work it out with the strategies that are given here. The masterclass allowed me to go deeper into my thoughts and jot down my ideas in the workbook. this session was profound and I know it is going to be helpful and effective for accomplishing my goal and it wouldn't have happened without this workshop.  

Vince Kennedy 

language learning plan testimonial

“I had been learning French on and off without reaching fluency. This masterclass have given me clarity on the reasons why I failed in the past, as well as understanding the level of commitment required. it showed me that planning is key, It is important to believe that I can and this masterclass has helped me realised that. Thanks 

 Giselle Barnett